Understanding Your Child's Elementary Report Card

In the fall of the 2017-18 school year the Phoenixville Area School District established a committee of teachers and parents to revise the elementary report card.  Through an examination of national research, best practice and a review of report cards across the county and state, the committee made recommendations to improve the existing standards-based report card.  The following are some highlights of those changes:

The report card will move from a three point scale to a four point scale to better align to state standards and PSSA categories of Advance, Proficient, Basic and Below Basic as defined below:

Academic Performance     Descriptor 
1   Performance is approaching, but not meeting, the benchmarks as required for meeting grade level standards
2   Performance demonstrates progress toward meeting the standard as required for the grade level.  The student is developing an understanding of key concepts, processes, and skills. 
3   Performance consistently meets the standard as required for the grade level.  The student applies the key concepts, processes, and skills.
4   Performance consistently exceeds the standard as required for the grade level.  The student is able to extend and apply the key concepts, processes, and skills.

• The category “Process Skills” which communicated learner habits will be renamed “Life-Time Learner Skills” and will include these five characteristics: Responsibility, Focus, Organization, Participation and Respect.  These characteristics will be rated by teachers as consistent, progressing or needs improvement.

• Teachers will have a bank of comments to better inform parents of their child’s learning habits.

We believe the work of the committee has resulted in a more accurate, meaningful reporting vehicle for teachers and parents, to ensure better communication of student progress toward state standards.

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