Understanding Your Child's Elementary Report Card

In the fall of the 2017-18 school year the Phoenixville Area School District established a committee of teachers and parents to revise the elementary report card.  Through an examination of national research, best practice and a review of report cards across the county and state, the committee made recommendations to improve the existing standards-based report card. Our teachers routinely use standards to more accurately report how students are progressing.  The Pennsylvania Department of Education mandates a standards-based educational system.  The standards establish the learning targets for all students.  All classroom instruction and assessments are aligned to the standards.  Thus, our report card system is aligned to those same standards.


• The report card will move from a three point scale to a four point scale to better align to state standards and PSSA categories of Advance, Proficient, Basic and Below Basic as defined below:

Academic Performance    Descriptor 
1   Performance is approaching, but not meeting, the benchmarks as required for meeting grade level standards
2   Performance demonstrates progress toward meeting the standard as required for the grade level.  The student is developing an understanding of key concepts, processes, and skills. 
3   Performance consistently meets the standard as required for the grade level.  The student applies the key concepts, processes, and skills.
4   Performance consistently exceeds the standard as required for the grade level.  The student is able to extend and apply the key concepts, processes, and skills.

Report Card

• The category “Process Skills” which communicated learner habits will be renamed “Life-Time Learner Skills” and will include these five characteristics:


These characteristics will be rated by teachers as consistent, progressing or needs improvement.

• Teachers will have a bank of comments to better inform parents of their child’s learning habits.

Is a 1, 2, 3 or 4 like an A, B, C, D?
No. A skill number indicates that your child is progressing toward mastery of a particular standard. If your child receives a 2 for two marking periods, that’s ok!

Are all standards taught at the same time?
No. Again this is a reason that a particular standard may not have a rating.

Where can I find all the standards?
All PA standards can be found on the Department of Education Site

We believe the work of the committee has resulted in a more accurate, meaningful reporting vehicle for teachers and parents, to ensure better communication of student progress toward state standards.

Elementary Report Card Rubrics
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