Instructional Coaching

Instructional coaches partner with teachers to help them improve teaching practice. To do this, ICs collaborate with teachers to get a clear picture of current reality, identify goals, pick teaching strategies to meet the goals, monitor progress, and problem solve until the goals are met. Coaching is an essential component of an effective professional development program. A coach can foster conditions in which deep reflection and learning can take place, where a teacher can take risks to change practice, where powerful conversations can take place, and where growth is recognized and celebrated.

PASD K-12 Instructional Coaches

Kelly Esposito
Ashley Martin
Tracey McGillian
Rebecca Morgan

How Can PASD Instructional Coaches Help You?

All coaching is tailored to your goals, and is confidential!

"When we grow, improve, and learn, when we strive to become a better version of ourselves, we tap into something deep in ourselves that craves that kind of growth." -Jim Knight


Co-Planning: Through conversation, collaboratively
plan for a lesson or series of lessons that meet best practices.

Coaching Cycle: Sign up for a formal coaching session. As peers, we will work together to help improve your practice. We will learn from one another and implement strategies that will guarantee student achievement!


Reflection/collaboration: Through conversation and observation, reflect on student learning in your classroom and collaborate on how to implement new learning. Professional Goal Setting: Work together to develop a professional goal that is specific and measurable. Data Analysis: Collaboratively analyze formative assessments to make instructional decisions. Listening and Support: Lend an open and confidential ear for a topic of your choice. Brainstorm: Bounce innovative ideas off one another based on reflections made.


Peer Coaching: Observe another teacher together and discuss what you are interested in implementing.

Co-Teaching: After planning cooperatively, teach a lesson together.

coaching cycle

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