District Administration Directory

Please dial 484-927-ext.


Cifelli, Lisa 5022 Receptionist
Cooley, Brianna 5029 Payroll Specialist
Daney, Eric 5062 Supervisor of Curriculum
Diaczenko, Amy
5063 Supervisor of Elementary Special Education and K-12 APS
Dudley, Terry 5095 Security
Ehlinger, Betsy 5475 Maintenance Technician
Esposito, Kelly 5036 Elementary Math Instructional Coach
Fenyus, Rachael 5019 Assistant Director of Finance
Filipovic, Lenore 5010 Executive Assistant to Superintendent & Cab.
Flaxenburg, Sherry 5093 Data Analyst
Garber, Dave 5091 Elementary Campus Technician
Garritano, Dr. Frank    Executive Director of Schools & DEI
Gibson, Ken 5096 Director of Operations and Technology
Gray, Megan 5043 Curriculum Secretary
Hernandez, Myra 5027 Home and School Visitor Secondary
Hunsberger, Stacey 5021 Receptionist/HR Secretary
Iyoob, Samantha 5028 Business Office Generalist
Kelly, Lorraine 5070 Digital Communications Specialist
Kilmetz, Dr. Jessica 5013 Assistant Superintendent
Klinedinst, Erica 5032 Wellness/Grant Coordinator
Marsh, Nancy 5051 Registration/Child Accounting Secretary
Martin, Ashley 5033 Instructional Coach
McClure, Dr. Nicole 5007 Director of Communications
McGillian, Tracey 5045 Instructional Technology Coach
McTiernan, Missy
5010 Superintendent
Melber, Dr. Jeremy 5020 Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer
Mentzer, Tracey 5065 Secretary-Special Programs &Services
Morgan, Rebecca 5047 Instructional Coach
Nattle, Stephanie 5031 Transportation Technician
Oberecker, Matt 5098 Assistant Director of Technology
Oleski, Sharon 5044 Executive Assistant to the Cabinet
Pacitto, Dr. Kate 5046 Executive Director Of Curriculum & SPS
Pettine, Holly 5073 Supervisor - Secondary Special Education
Polis, Steve 5092 Secondary Campus Technician
Quinn, Lynn 5061 Secretary - Special Programs & Services
Raimondo, Sue 5090 Admin. Assistant to Dir. of Human Resources
Ramsey, David 5067 Director Spec. Prog. & Serv.
Riffey, Alyson 5117 Home and School Visitor Elementary
Rockwood, Sylvia 5037 Human Resource Director
Skonieczny, Dr. Christine
5066 Supervisor of Specialized Programs and Services
Sortman, Tracey 5023 Accounts Payable Technician 
Stec, Monica 5076 Client Systems Technician
Stevenson, Chris 5088 Systems Administrator
Towler, Margaret 5041 Human Resource Specialist
Tschoepe, Jennifer 5038 Program Mgr of Assmts & Accountability
Vontor, Phil 5480 Supervisor of Maintenance
Yeager, Lisa 5030 Transportation Supervisor
Herman, Tara 484-302-2202 Krise Transportation
Portuguese Helpline 484-927-5009  
Spanish Helpline 484-927-5006  
Stop Bullying Hotline 484-927-5015  
Taxpayer Helpline-Keystone 1-866-539-1100 keystonecollects.com
FAX - Business Office
FAX - Pupil Personnel
FAX - Human Resources
FAX - Superintendent  610-933-3189
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